Incorporating podcasts into the classroom is simple and very beneficial! All you need is a small, inexpensive microphone and an internet connection!

I have centers for my reading class and one center is called “ Podcastin’“. Oral reading fluency is a big thing for second graders to get comfortable with. Creating podcasts lets the students practice orally reading as well as listen to how they are reading.

Podcasts can be as simple as the straight reading of a text to adding voices, sound effects and music!

Pod-o-matic is a fantastic site to use! They make it easy to upload and embed the files.

Podbean is another great one!

Ideas for incorporating:

-Reading a story aloud-Let the students act the story out with their voices

-Presenting a project-instead of having students stand up in front of everyone, let them present their podcast

-As the teacher, you can record a story you want your students to listen to

-Create Podcast channels that can be embedded into your class website (examples: newscasts, daily announcements, story of the week, vocabulary words of the week, writing tips)

Let the students use their imaginations. A lot of students will get shy if they are asked to be in front of a camera, but with podcasts, students feel more free to create!

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Podcastin’

  1. I love your ideas about using podcasting! I just discovered podcasting this past year and this year I want to do it with my students. Do you record from these sites or do you use another program like Garage Band and just upload to these sites? Last week I tried to do a podcasting lesson with my students, but Garage Band kept giving us error messages and was not working. I would love to find a great alternative online podcasting site. Which would you recommend the most?

    I love your ideas of using podcasting for reading fluencing. What a great motivating way to practice oral reading fluency! I want to use podcasts as unit reviews in a series of “Did you Know?” segments. Students will be response for summarizing our learning then recording it as an unit review. Of course, I am having major technical difficulties in my district, but I wonder if an online program would solve some of those issues. Great post!

    -Jill Morris

  2. Podcasting seems like a great way to excite early learners. I love your example about reading stories and having students acting out the plot. With all the research out there about the importance of reading to kids it seems like a no brainer for teachers to become book on tape creators. I also like the idea of students creating their own stories via podcasts. They could read their favorite stories of the week or from the book they are currently reading. Sounds fun! This may be a silly question, but can you easily burn podcasts to discs for students that may not have internet? I have only ever listened to podcasts when I run, but I assume they can be burnt in a similar fashion out of iTunes.

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