Socrative-An Online Quizzing Tool!

Quick assessments are made easy with! (And it’s free!)

All you have to do is sign up for a free account and watch the quick 5 minute intro and you are ready!

The coolest thing about Socrative is that if you are lucky enough to have tablets, ipads, ipods or SmartPhones in your classroom, you can make this quick assessment even quicker.

Here’s the gist:

  • Once you sign up for Socrative, you will be taken to (teacher) where you can create a quick quiz, multiple choice, T/F, short answer and a Space Race.
  • You can create as many quizzes as you want, just click on the quiz you want your students to take at that particular time
  • You will be given a class number that your students will need in order to take your quiz.
  • Your students will go to
  • Once your students put in your assigned room number, it will ask them to type their name then start the quiz!

*If you are using student computers and not tablets or SmartPhones, after the student has taken the quiz it will give them the option to “Let Another Student Take Quiz”-once they click that it will take them back to the original screen where the next student will have to put in the Room Number and their name.

  • As the teacher, you can watch live results while the students take their quiz.
  • Once everyone has taken the quiz, you will get an Excel spreadsheet sent to your email with the results!

This is an quick and easy way to assess your students! Try it out and share your thoughts!


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