I have a GAME plan…Now what?

I have many goals for my students. I have outlined a few in my previous post. My overarching goal is to remove myself, the teacher, out of the equation. That may seem odd, but I want my students to be able function on their own. As their teacher, I should give them all of the tools they need to complete any task and help others in completing that task. Each class is different, but the class I am currently teaching can basically function without me.

As long as you have a desire to accomplish your goals, you cannot be stopped.

The integration of technology has been easy for me because I have grown up with the transformation. I have always been intrigued by what is new in educational technology and love trying those new tools in my classroom. My goals are focused on providing the tools to my fellow teachers to incorporate just as much technology within their classrooms. To achieve these goals, leadership training and technology conferences are a must. I am attending a two-part technology seminar at Notre Dame University. This, I believe, will give me more credentials when speaking with teachers. It is one thing to enjoy technology, but it is another take steps to learn more and truly understand the programs being used.

As I have stated before, Twitter has been a crucial resource for me. I have found many of my ideas through links shared by teachers on Twitter. Instead of keeping all of these links to myself, sharing them with my colleagues is beneficial for all parties. Teaching fellow colleagues the importance of a resource like Twitter goes right along with my GAME plan. Instead of just “spewing resources” to my colleagues, I need to try them out and be able to demonstrate how to use them. Being that many of our tools need to be researched based, I need to be informed in that area as well. To do that, conferences, Twitter and personal research are the key to accomplishing my goals.



6 thoughts on “I have a GAME plan…Now what?

  1. Great post Allie! I can really relate to your post. It sounds like we are in similar situations trying to accomplish the same things. I, too, am currently attending trainings to be able to learn more ideas about the technology that I have to use with my students. One of my goals is to get my students up to my SMART Board more instead of me just standing there teaching. Instead of using it as a teaching tool, I would like to use it as a learning tool. I am very fascinated with how you use Twitter in teaching. How do I begin to do this? I have a Twitter account.

    • Lindzey-

      Thanks for responding! I have a personal Twitter account and a Class Twitter account. My class Twitter account is private so only people I approve can follow us. My students are not on Twitter, they simply read the Twitterfeed at their computers. The parents, however, are on Twitter and I am able to share information, links, videos, podcasts-really anything we are doing in class! I absolutely love using it. My students are keeping track of the number of tweets I have tweeted and when we get to 1000, we are going to have a Twitter party! We are currently at 902 tweets! 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions!


  2. I like that you use twitter in teaching, but unfortunately my school has blocked that site. I would like to know what group you following? I would like to be apart of that group to share and receive educational links. I like to incorporate various types of activity for my students and it will be easier to do with a resource bank rather than spending hours looking for ideas. I like that your open to share and demonstrate the resources with your colleagues. It important to share ideas and resources to help students become more successful.

  3. Allie,

    You have a great GAME plan. Creating an environment wherein that welcomes our students opportunity to inquire, explore and collaboratively be engaged in new learning is a relevant part of the skills they will need for future jobs. As with Alicia, Twitter and other resourceful, authentic sites are blocked. Are you planning to do an action research project to support your inquiry?

    • Cathy-

      Yes, I am actually! All social-networking sites (other than Pinterest) have been unblocked to teachers. Twitter is unblocked for students. Last year, I made the case for including social media in our school corporation and luckily all of our administrators came on board. Each school has a Twitter and Facebook account and many teachers utilize Facebook. I plan on posting the general outline of my action research plan once I have it complete!


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