Becoming a GAME-changer

Because of the nature of my GAME plan, progress will be never-ending. This is an on-going process and because technology is ever-changing, staying current is a daunting task for some. Personally, I am driven by the changes and improvements that are made in technology. I am also driven by lack-luster teachers who need a little “kick start”.

I just recently finished a two-part conference at Notre Dame, called “Teaching Digital Media and New Literacy”. Overall, this conference was very beneficial although it was nothing like what I expected. During discussion time, I was extremely surprised (and maybe I should not have been) at the negative tone almost everyone had about technology, youth and education. Going back to what drives me, teachers who are not willing to adapt their preconceived notions of students and technology is what is wrong with many educational systems. There needs to be a shift of mindset. My goals align with aiding in that shift.

I am working with a high school teacher on doing an educational technology “Tweet-up”. The idea is that local teachers get together on a Saturday and share all of their technology ideas and what they are doing in their classroom. This forum could be used for professional development points which will be a great way to get people in the door. Opportunities like this make education and teaching a more global community.

My goal is sharply focused on my colleagues and all teachers for that matter.

I want to take my GAME plan and become a GAME-changer in education.

That may seem like a lofty goal, but I am passionate about changing the mindset of those teachers who are stuck in their ways-those teachers who still want complete control in the classroom. In essence, my GAME plan is taking on a new life. It is becoming more of LIFE plan than a GAME plan.

I want to be a GAME-changer.


3 thoughts on “Becoming a GAME-changer

  1. I think that is great that you are going through professional development days in technology. Most professional development days have been cut in California. We did have professional development days in implementing English-learner instruction this year but we have never had one on technology. I will look for conferences on my own to attend on technology.

    I look for my favorite quote of the week each week I am in my courses. I love that you said that you are “passionate about changing the mindset of those teachers who are stuck in their ways-those teachers who still want complete control in the classroom.” This happens all too frequent in schools. I work with a colleague who is opposed to online grade-book system in which students and parents can check grades. My question to this teacher is why? It is essential for teachers to learn and use the technology available. In an environment in which children are not suppose to be left behind, the same holds true for our teachers. We all need to use the technology for the betterment of our students so they can be successful in the 21st century.

  2. Allison,
    Great blog post! I was so anxious to hear about your conference at Notre Dame. I’m so sorry to hear that it wasn’t what you expected. Although there was a negative, you have taken some positive out of this. That to me is being a “game-changer”! You are so right about there being such a big population of teachers that are stuck in their ways and I admire you for wanting to attack this problem and make a change! You’ve got a great GAME plan and it sounds like you’re doing beyond great on carrying it out and monitoring it! Best of luck to you! 🙂

  3. I you have an excellent idea about trying to get teachers to use technology more often. You have a difficult task at hand. Most schools may have3 types of teachers: 1-refuses to incorporate technology,2- Incorporates technology often,3- doesn’t incorporate technology because of the lack of computer skills. I believe that teachers that are very familiar with technology trained the ones who wants to learn. Some teacher may be afraid of messing something up or not quite sure how certain programs work. When it comes to technology for Language Arts teacher I’m the go to person. Each academic area should have at least one technology savvy person to assist with questions and usage. The teachers who are stuck in their ways need to attend a training course to understand the benefits of using technology in the classroom. These teachers should develop a growth plan by selecting on piece of technology they plan to incorporate each grading period. Someone should try to observe the teacher using that piece of technology. Most teacher want to teach their best when being observe, so thing will force them to become familiar with the tool and use it often. If a teacher doesn’t follow through or didn’t use it effectively a training should be develop to assist them.

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