Reflecting on my GAME plan

My passion for technology came when I was in middle school and my computer teacher opened the computer lab up at night so the public could use the internet. I was always trying new tools and programs because it really interested me. Naturally, I took that into my classroom. I try my best to stay on top of all of the new tools and try many of them out with my class. My passion for technology and what it can do for students and teachers alike has bubbled over into getting other teachers passionate about it, too.

My GAME plan, as stated in my previous post, has morphed to a GAME changing plan.This is an uphill battle for many reasons. One main reason is the time factor. Many teachers believe that a lot of technological tools take too much time to utilize. I am always asked how I find the time time to update our class twitter and Facebook page or how I have time to try out new tools. That question frustrates me, but I love technology and have loved it for long time. Not everyone has that mindset. I have to be able to meet those people where they are. When I find a new tool or new website, I make sure that I have tried it out and know it inside and out before I share it with my colleagues. If I want to convince the teachers around me to try something new, they have to know that I will stand by them while they try it and that I will make sure that all of their questions would be answered.

If I am well-versed in something, I cannot keep it to myself.

If I feel so passionately about something, I cannot keep it to myself.


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