Should I create a classroom blog?

Blogs can be informative, interactive and beneficial to the classroom setting. Many teachers assume that only middle and high school students can work with blogs, but I disagree. Teaching second grade, I have learned that most of my students can catch on rather quickly to new technology ideas and programs. Students love interacting with each other whether verbally or through social media. Why not let them use that enthusiasm for classroom assignments?

You can make your classroom blog rhetorical or interactive. It could be set up as a weekly or monthly newsletter to the parents and community. If you are apprehensive about writing a blog, this could be an easy and non-threatening way to get started.

Blogs can be interactive as well! For assignments where you want to have the students reflect on a topic, you could post a short paragraph about what you want them to ponder, then give them a deadline to respond to the post right on the blog. This can be an assignment they complete at home or when they complete another assignment, use the classroom computers. Have the students write their own response then have them comment on at least one other person’s. This way they are learning from each other, as well as completing the assignment. You are getting the students to think beyond the lesson itself and really reflect on what they are learning.

You can easily level this kind assignment per grade. First and Second grade students could type a word or a sentence, Third and Fourth grade could write 2-3 sentences and so on. You will be surprised at how quickly your students will catch on! For older students, you could have them start their own blog! Instead of writing 10 book reports for the school year, you could have them start a blog report! They could be book critics!

A lot of times students do not have a computer at home, but that should not stop the teachers from utilizing every aspect of technology. The teachers just need to be responsible for making sure the students have many opportunities to hop on the computer and get the assignment done.

Blog sites you could use: