How I am using Twitter in my classroom!

You may think that social media should be kept outside of the classroom, but I definitely disagree!

When used correctly and monitored, social media can be one of the greatest instructional tools you will encounter!

In my second grade classroom, I am using Twitter for instructional purposes. My students sit at tables. On each table is a computer monitor. I set my room up this way so that my students have convenient access to the computer at all times. I created @MrsHollandSays on Twitter and have that up on their monitors at all times. They do not have personal Twitter accounts, they simply use my account. (I log-in prior to the start of the day). Throughout the day I will post instructions, encouraging words and answers to their questions.

**If you don’t have many computers in your room, you can still use Twitter! You could have it up on the computers that you do have or when you take your students to the computer lab, teach them how to log in to the classroom twitter and have it up while they are working.

If you have a SmartBoard, ActivBoard or a projector, have your Twitter feed up when you are not instructing!

They have a running log of today’s events (as well as yesterdays, two weeks ago and as long as you have been on Twitter)!

Key items to remember when setting up/using a classroom Twitter:

Keep it private!-Only people you allow to follow you will see your tweets.

Only use first names in your tweets

Encourage parents to follow you! -I have had parents tweet the class encouraging words during the day and they love it!

Post reminders throughout the day-If you have students who need extra reminders, post it, then tell your students to check their Twitter. They have never been this excited to read directions!

Share sites and links with parents-This is a quick and easy way to share different links you are using in class!

Happy Tweeting!!

If you have any other ideas on how you are using Twitter in your room, I would love to hear from you!